The Best Tips for Cooking and Buying Shrimp

Shrimp can make for a great meal, appetizer, or even a good side dish. Many enjoy consuming shrimp regularly and they are actually very good for you as well. There are many ways to prepare shrimp, but the one thing you want to make sure you never do is overcook the shrimp. You can grill them, sauté them, and prepare them in many other ways, but never over cook shrimp.

You now have the most important tip you can get when it comes to cooking shrimp. There are many other things you need to know about cooking and buying shrimp, however. Below you are going to find a few tips to help you purchase the right shrimp for you and you are also going to find them tips on how to cook them properly as well.

Tips for Buying Shrimp

1. The Tail Test

If you are purchasing shrimp that has been cooked and cooked on board before delivered to the stores, then you can do a tail test to see how fresh it is. You will want to straighten the shrimp out under the light and see how large the gap is between the shell and the meat. The larger this gap is the worse the shrimp actually are because of either being cooked too long or held under refrigeration too long.

2. Avoid the Slime

Anytime shrimp feel slimy or sticky you want to avoid buying them. This is what happens when shrimp starts to go back and you can put your finders on the shell and move them forward and backward. Once you have done this if you have a gritty feeling between your fingers or you feel the slime or stickiness you want to put the shampoo down and walk away from it.

3. Fresh Factor

If you are trying to buy precooked shrimp you want to see a shell with a shiny clear glossy shell. This should have long feelings still intact and it should be resting on an ice bed within some type of refrigeration unit. With raw shrimp you are looking for the same type of shell with legs still intact as well. These should be displayed much in the same way. You do not want to buy shrimp with legs that are turning black at all.

Tips for Cooking Shrimp

1. Do Not Over Cook Shrimp

This has already been mentioned, but it is worth mention about ten more times. It is the most important tip when it comes to cooking shrimp because when you over cook shrimps they will taste like bland rubber; It is actually better to undercook them a little bit and some eat them raw or nearly raw as sushi as well.

2. Thaw the Shrimp Properly

If you need to thaw your shrimp you really want to do this under refrigeration overnight, but if this is not an option you want to run cold water over the sharp to thaw them. Never set them out on your counter or table to be thawed. This is not good for the shrimp and can cause bacteria to grow within the meat. Also, once the shrimp are thawed you will never want to refreeze them. This makes them tough and can cause freezer burn as well.

3. Cook sooner rather than later

When you purchase fresh shrimp you should really cook them the same day you purchase them. This is one of the most perishable foods you can buy and if you wait too long they will go bad. Ask the store you purchase the shrimp from either they were previously frozen or not. If they have been previously frozen, you will not want to deny them. When you do not plan to cook shrimp the same day, just purchase them already frozen.

4. Always Clean Properly

Before you cook the shrimp you are going to want to clean and devein them completely. This will get rid of the parts of the shrimp that can cause a foul flavor and should not be consumed. You want to do this before you prepare your shrimp in any way you prefer. Deveining your shrimp is very important because this will get rid of the, for lack of a better word, poop trail.

5. Broiling

When you broil shrimp you will want to season or marinate them before you do so. Then, depending on the size of the shrimp, you are going to want to broil them for about four to five minutes. This will help to ensure that you do not overcook the shrimp and end up with rubbery shrimp. These shrimp can be cooked to be put on a salad or served in a different type of dish.

6. Pan Frying

For best results with pan frying use olive oil and season the shrimp ahead of time. If you like spicy foods you can use a Cajun seasoning to add nice flavor to the shrimp. To avoid overcooking the shrimp you are going to want to pull them out after about 3 to 4 minutes of cooking. You can bread the shrimp first if you want or you can just cook them without bread if you prefer.

7. Grilling Shrimp

Always use uncooked shrimp for grilling because frozen shrimp will tend to dry out on the grill. You will want to use the largest shrimp you can find because this will help to retain more of the smoky flavor from the grill itself. It is also recommended to use a charcoal grill and skewer the shrimp with vegetables. You can season them before you actually cook them as well, and then serve them over rice.

Have fun with the recipes you are using and do not feel like you have to follow them 100%. You want to put your own flavor into the recipe and tweak them to fit what you are after. Just make sure you purchase good shrimp and do not ever over cook them or you will be very disappointed with the way your dish turns out.

What’s the Best Mattress for Heavy People?

In my 35 years within the mattress industry I have seen mattresses get destroyed by heavy people. Is it their fault? No, it's the fault of the manufacturers for not making sturdy mattresses to accommodate a larger person. Seems comfort trumps durability in the mattress world so the best mattress for heavy people is one that is rock hard and not comfortable, or is it?

For years the only type of mattress that could hold up to a heavy person was a spring mattress that had extra firm coils and extra firm padding making it unbearable to sleep on. However, the best mattress for heavy people is not made of steel springs nor memory foam, but rather a product of Mother Nature herself, rubber.

Latex foam rubber is made from tree sap (milk) from the rubber trees found mostly in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. Latex mattresses have been around for decades and their durability is legendary. I have personally seen these mattresses except 50 years of use. What makes them the best mattress for heavy people is the density of this amazing product. For example, most quality sofa cushions are made using 1.8 lb polyfoam. As you know these cushions usually last between 5 and 10 years before starting to collapse. Just imagine how long a foam that was 2 tim times heavier would perform in the long haul and you have the reason why latex is so durable.

Ok, so now it's no secret why latex can outlast any other product but what about the comfort? Does the best mattress for heavy people need to be rock hard like a spring mattress? No, latex mattresses offer BOTH comfort and durability coming in a variety of firmness levels. Some manufacturers even offer different firmness levels for each half of the bed so if a heavy person is partnered with a much lighter person, each can have their own choice. Try getting that from a spring or memory foam bed.

What's the Best Mattress For Heavy People in Latex Choices?

This is a question I get asked often. Since there are two types of processes for latex, Dunlop and Talalay, each has its own unique properties. Dunlop latex is denser and makes it the most popular choice for back sleepers who are heavy. Talalay latex is less decent and more airy making it a better choice for lighter folks and those who like to sleep on their side. Talalay does come in firmer densities as well and can be tailor for a heavy person who also likes to sleep on their side. The talalay process with the best option if getting a mattress with different firmnesses fits your needs.

In conclusion let me just say that I am sick and tired of talking to folks who tell me their new mattress only lasted 6 months and now they can not return it or they can only exchange it for another one of the same model which will do exactly the same thing over and over. Nonsense, save yourself the frustration and just go out and buy the best mattress for heavy people in the first place, a latex mattress.

How to Avoid Hidden Credit Card Charges

By law, credit card fees must not be hidden by credit companies from their customers. However, this does not mean that all cardholders are completely aware how they are actually charged or which cases will result in additional charges or increased credit card fees.

Oftentimes, some fees are only indicated in the cards’ terms and condition or in the account disclosure statement cardholders will receive once they open their account. This is one of the many reasons why cardholders overlook such information; this is where the term “hidden charges” came to be.

The most effective way to avoid having to pay high fees is by consistently paying your bills on time. Each year, credit card companies are raking billions of dollars in penalty fees! So save money by paying any balances when it is due to avoid penalty charges.

So how do you avoid paying high credit fees that comes with using your card? The best defense is by educating yourself. Below are some of the most common “hidden” charges that companies make customers pay:

Tip 1: Know that these days, credit card companies are now recording receipts of payments received in envelopes apart from the pre-printed envelopes five days after they receive them. So always read the card member agreement. Some card companies allow postmarked payments by the due date, but a large majority of companies require all payments to be paid before noon on the day the bill is due. In addition to strict payment rules, some credit card companies have shortened their billing periods from the traditional 30 days to 20 days.

Tip 2: Be aware that if the late fees made you exceed your credit limit, you will be charged with over-the-limit fee, which may increase interest rate for up to 24%. For this reason, make sure you also keep track of how much credit is available for you to use.

Tip 3: If you are late on paying off any of your creditors, a lender could increase the interest rate that you will pay. So basically, even if you are consistently paying your bills on time, you will still pay additional charges if you are late on making payments with one of your other lenders.

Tip 4: There are also some company that will charge fees for having cards without balances on them.

A Week Full of Fashion

Fashion week is a week-long event that is held to commemorate the fashion industry and the cogs that keep the wheel moving. Fashion designers, brands and houses display the latest and best of their collection via runway shows. Buyers and the media are prominently present during this activity and this helps the designers to showcase and sell their work. Fashion week is an important event in the lives of the fashionable since it is here which determines the trends that are in Vogue and those which are passé. The most popular and well-known fashion weeks are held in the four major fashion capitals in the world namely New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Fashion has stormed the globe in a big way and some other countries which also host other important fashion weeks in the world are; Madrid, Australia, Rome, Dubai, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Toronto, Jakarta, India, Berlin, Barcelona, Seoul, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Fashion week is a seven day long entertainment cum business event where people from all walks of life fraternize with those from the fashion industry. This event is bi-annual in nature and is held in the major fashion capitals in the world like London, New York, Paris and Milan. Fashion weeks are held several months prior to commencement of the fashion season so that it allows the buyers and press a better chance to preview the trends and designs for that season. January to April hosts fashion shows to showcase the autumn and winter collections. On the other hand, September to November showcases the spring and summer collections. This gives ample time to the buyers, retailers and purchasers to assimilate and include the fashion designers into their stores.

Latest innovation, flamboyant designs and striking new trends are showcased during these fashion weeks and all the latest collections are compiled into a special report and covered in all the leading fashion magazines in the world as well as the websites which cater exclusively to fashion. The first ever fashion week was held in 1943 with the purpose to distract attention in World War II from French fashion when workers from the fashion industry were unable to travel to Paris. It was believed that designers in America relied on the French for their inspiration and design. A fashion publicist by the name of Eleanor Lambert had organized an event called Press Week to showcase the works of American fashion designers. Magazines such as Vogue began to feature more American designers in their features and stories.

In the year 1903 a New York based shop held the country’s first ever fashion show to lure middle-call socio economic groups into the store. Close on their heels, in 1910 major department stores were holding private fashion shows of their own. Along with promoting fashion these shows had elements of entertainment and were very theatrical in nature. It was theme based and accompanied with a narrative commentary. Fashion weeks helped in integrating all aspects of the fashion industry and bringing it under one roof.